Garnished Girl was established in 2010, when Kareen’s youngest daughter was born. Realizing there weren’t enough stylish, high quality hair accessories for babies, she dove right in and began crafting handmade bows, headbands, tutus, and other fabulous pieces for young girls like her own. She deemed her newest daughter, the original Garnished Girl, and the brand grew to become a place where Garnished Girls all across the country were ordering her beloved products. An eternal creative and freethinker, Kareen’s designs evolved over time to include wonderful gifts and trinkets like custom night lights, canvas wall signs, t-shirts, key chains, and even fun handmade masks for special events. Garnished Girl is now a gift shop where men, women, children, and all earthlings can come enjoy her fun and whimsical creations. And although Kareen’s daughter, still has more bows and headbands than she can handle, the brand has grown into something greater than just hair accessories. Kareen’s designs become more prolific with each year, solidifying her love of craft and whimsy as the reason why she herself is the original Garnished Girl after all.